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Some Articles from our Blog

The Gartley Pattern

The Gartley pattern forms when a trend temporarily reverses direction before returning to its original course. Basically a retracement and continuation pattern, it is one of the most traded harmonic patterns. This pattern is named after Harold McKinley Gartley, who in the mid-1930s had a stock market advisory service with a large following.

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The Shark Pattern

Among harmonic patterns, the Shark pattern is a 5-point reversal structure that Scott Carney discovered in 2011. It is a combination of Fibonacci numbers and the Elliott Wave theory.

Essentially, the Shark consists of an impulse leg and a retracement leg, with the latter not having any particular value. The continuation leg needs to have a 113% Fibonacci extension of BA, but it should not exceed 161.8%.

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The Five-O Pattern

The 5-0 pattern, though comparatively new, is emerging to be more popular. It was discovered by Scott Carney and is a distinct 5-point reversal structure.

The pattern has 4 legs and specific Fibonacci measurements of each point within its structure, which omits the room for flexible interpretation.
Essentially, it helps stock traders take advantage of key reversals in the price chart by finding a unique entry point.

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The 3 Drive Pattern

Among harmonic chart patterns, the Three Drives pattern is a well-known one. It is essentially a reversal pattern that is typified by a series of higher highs or lower lows. A relative of the ABCD pattern, it was mentioned in Robert Prechter‘s renowned book Elliot Wave Principle

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What our Customers are saying

“Hello! A little feedback on how ive been using the add-on renko. I use the dinapoli macd to settings of 2.5 16 9.0503 and it confirms my Elliot entries. […]I’m having great success with the Elliott and Harmonic Addon’s and I think they are great products. Not only is the product fantastic but the product support is even better !”

John C.,
Trader from USA

“The Renko hybrid works as expected. It filters out time noise to focus on price action with some twists. I do not miss morning gaps anymore. Consequently I was able to remove my minute chart. Finally I like that it shows price movement accelerations when the market gets wild : it makes up for nice support and resistance zones into the future.”

PapyPolo ,
Trader from Andorra

“I am using the new/latest version of the Harmonic add-on for 1 week now. It is definitely loading faster and is quite stable.The support is also top of the class. Well done!”

Krishnanan S.,
Trader from Canada

“Hi Christophe, I use the Harmonic indicator every day on the FDAX. As I’ve told you before, this is probably the best indicator I own and believe me, I own many. My daughter also purchased the Harmonics from you guys and she too uses it every day on the FDAX. It is the only indicator I have bought which pays for itself nearly every day ! All the best, Allan.”

Allan P.
Trader from South Africa.

“Good Day Christophe, I Hope you are well. I have been lately Using the Elliot wave software that i purchased from you guys some time ago. I find it is probably the most powerful indicator that i have due to the fact i can use the high time frame to confirm direction and drop down to the lower time frames and time my entries just right.”

Dan W.
Trader from Australia

“The last couple of weeks I have been evaluating various futures tape reading and order flow software for Ninja, and must confess after now testing the demo for TapeAddon, that this software has an out of the box thinking approach that cannot be matched by any of the other competitors in the field. When one understands a bit how futures trading takes place and hence CFD trading, dome execution and order flow then TapeAddon is much easier to craps then many of the other products in the market. For scalpers and day traders alike, the program helps with exhaustion points in your trading, support areas as well as volume areas. Block trades and icebergs can be filtered as I understand (not in the demo) . I personally trade FDAX and DAX CFD’s, and am already sold on TapeAddon’s concept.”

Bernard VDW.
Trader from Netherlands

“I must say I am at a bit of a loss with your service. Word-class programming with customer service to match not what I am used to. Lucky to come across your company!”

Darren S.
Trader from Canada

“Again, love your software. My recent purchases of the harmonics and radar tape are fanominal. Maybe in the future a few additional training videos on application for the radar tape would be beneficial. Thanks again!”

Robert M.
Trader From USA

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