Chartist Indicator for NT8


The Chartist Indicator detects automatically classical chartist patterns from your chart, in real time.

8 Patterns

Double Top/Bottom, Triple Top/Bottom, Head and Shoulders, Cup with Handle, Flag, Rectangles, Symmetric Triangles and Ascending/Descending Triangles


Many features are available like : Volumes, Smart toolbar, Guide Lines, Projection Lines, Audio Alert, Market Analyzer and many more to come.


Everything is configurable directly from the embedded toolbar, so you can change the parameters without reloading the chart.

Chartist Analysis

Chartist Analysis is a technique that uses the recognition of specific figures based on major pivot points. Unlike Harmonic Theory, it is not based on the Fibonacci but rather on the pattern itself and help to better understand the psychology of the market at a certain moment. As often in Chart analysis, the goal is to identify the figures, and the entry and exit of a position by the assumption that the price action in the past will happen again in the future.

Here is a list of recognized patterns by the Chartist Indicator :

  • Double and Triple Top/Bottom : Double and triple top/bottom patterns are generally used to get a thorough idea on how the current stock trend may shift over a particular course of time. The top formations occur in the uptrend whereas their counterparts take place in case of downtrend.
  • Cup with Handle : The cup-and-handle pattern is preceded by an upward move, which pauses and sells off. The sell-off is the initial part of this pattern. After the sell-off, the security typically trades flat for a long period of time without any clear trend. The next part of the pattern comprises a rise towards the peak of the preceding upward move. The final part of the pattern, the handle, is a comparatively smaller downward move before the security continues the previous trend of moving higher.
  • Head and Shoulders : The head-and-shoulders pattern refers to a specific chart formation which predicts a bullish-to-bearish trend reversal. It is held to be one of the most dependable trend reversal patterns. Notably, it is one of the top patterns that indicates that an upward trend is nearing its end.

  • Ascending/Descending Triangle : This triangle shows a strong level of horizontal support or resistance, which, when broken, announces the continuation of the initial trend. As for the other figures, it is better to wait for a pullback to enter.
  • Symmetric Triangle : This triangle is formed by weakening pulse and corrections marking a sharp indecision regarding the release of the movement. Although this figure is difficult to trade, it can show good trade opportunities.
  • Rectangle : This figure detects periods of range. According to the chartist theory, this figure should be broken in the same direction as the original trend. However, a false breakout in the opposite direction, which makes even better opportunity to trade, is often observed.
  • Flag : A Flag is a correction in an initial trend. When the flag is broken in the same direction as the initial movement, it often gives rise to a strong continuation. This is probably the figure having the best success rate, even if the entry point is difficult to catch.

8 Patterns

The Chartist indicator recognizes : Double Top/Bottom, Triple Top/Bottom, Head and Shoulders, Cup With Handle, Symmetric Triangle, Ascending/Descending Triangle, Rectangle and Flag.

For each pattern, you can display the Guide lines, the Projection Lines and also choose to display the Volumes.

Various Features

The Chartist Indicator comes with various features such as :

  • Audio alert: An audio alert indicates if there is a complete pattern detected.
  • Market Analyzer : it is possible to configure the Market Analyzer so that you can find patterns on different time frames and different instruments
  • Exposed patterns in C# : this feature is for advanced programmers who want to program their own automatic strategies, backtests or derived indicators.

Smart Toolbar

The toolbar allows you in only one-click to display or hide different chartist patterns detected. So you can focus on one type of pattern, or trade only the last pattern found by hiding the others and get the chart lighter.

The toolbar is also retractable or can be dettached in a separate window to avoid overloading the main toolbar.

Automate your Charting Analysis

This indicator simplifies the detection of classical chartist patterns, by analyzing multiple variations of a zigzag on multiple time frames.

No more searching for the best anchor points to draw the figures. No more hesitation between one pivot point and another. No need either to know by heart all the different kind of patterns. This indicator does it automatically for you whatever the time frame or the instrument you choose.

The pattern is drawn on the chart, as soon as the pattern is considered valid by the indicator. It doesn’t mean that it will work, but you can use it as an edge in your trading and have a bullish or bearish bias for the next movement to come. On the very small figures, it often happens that the trend is already gone, but it doesn’t change the validity of the figure and you can try to take the pullback, if any, to enter in the trend.

Important notice : Product 100% digital. No physical product will be sent.

Frequently Asked Questions

I still use NinjaTrader 7. Does your indicator work on NT7 ?

Indicators are not compatible between NT7 and NT8. We do provide the indicator in both versions so you can use it on your preferred platform. However, the NT7 version has less features than the NT8 version.

Can I use the indicator on multiple PCs?

The sale is for one license, corresponding to only one PC. When you purchase the indicator, we ask you to give us your NinjaTrader MachineID. At each utilization, the indicator check your grants on NinjaTrader license server as well as on our own license server, and it will work for this MachineID only. If you are interested in a second license for your personal use, don’t hesitate to contact us to get a discount.

What is your refund policy?

As the item you are purchasing is digital goods, by downloading the item you have taken ownership of the item, and we cannot offer refunds or exchanges due to a change of mind. We strongly encourage you to test the indicator with the Trial version to be sure the product fits your needs and is compatible with hardware configuration before purchasing the Yearly or Lifetime License.

Will you continue to give support for the NT7 version ?

As long as NinjaTrader 7 is offically supported by NinjaTrader, we will give support to our indicators working on NT7. However, all new functionalities and updates (except for bugs) will be done on the NT8 version. Considering the massive changes in NT8, we strongly encourage you to switch to this version as soon as you can

If I purchase the NT7 version now, will I have to pay to get the NT8 version?

Absolutely not. The upgrade to NT8 is 100% FREE, as long as you purchased a Lifetime License. When you are ready to use NT8, just send us an email at with your name and MachineID so we send you the NT8 version.

Plans and Pricing

(Try Full Version During 14 days)

ONE-TIME payment ONLY!

100% deductible on purchase
  • No risk. Try it for 14 days
  • 8 Patterns detected
  • Display Guide and Projection Lines
  • WPF GUI toolbar
  • Market Scanner
  • Access to Member Area
  • Access to Special Gift Area
  • 55+pages Users Manual
  • 7 video tutorials
  • Include Chart Templates
  • Include Scanner Templates
  • Trial available on NT8 (and NT7 with less features)
  • 100% FREE Updates and Upgrades
  • 8 Patterns detected
  • Display Guide and Zones
  • WPF GUI toolbar
  • Market Scanner
  • Access to Member Area
  • Access to Special Gift Area
  • 55+pages Users Manual
  • 7 video tutorials
  • Include Chart Templates
  • Include Scanner Templates
  • Available on NT8 (and NT7 with less features)

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