Counting & Tracking Money-Making Elliott Waves Has Never Been Easier… For Day Traders!

Elliott made Simple

The complex, yet very effective Elliott theory will be a lot easier to apply, not for historical analysis, but for your real-time trading.

Elliott Countdown

The Elliott Indicator detects automatically bullish and bearish Elliott countdown and displays it on your chart in real time.

PRZs and ILVs

Elliott Indicator introduces the concept of PRZ and ILVs to help you identify potential Entry/Exit zones and level of confirmation.


Everything is configurable directly from the WPF toolbar, so you can change the parameters without reloading the chart.

Naturally Find More Winners With Automated Elliott Wave Analysis

Automates Every Aspect Of Counting And Tracking Money-making 3, 5, A, C Waves.

By a single click on a button, the Elliott Indicators displays Bullish and / or Bearish countdowns, based on your settings.
It analyze tops and bottoms found by a zigzag, and their sequence regarding the Elliott Theory, and shows you the countdown directly on the chart.

Boost Entry & Amp; Exit Confidence With PRZ and ILVs

The Elliott Indicator introduces the concept of PRZ (from the Harmonic Theory) to help find good entry points and objectives zones. It is an area where prices should (at least) pause on a corrective or impulsive wave.

ILVs (Invalidation/Limit/Validation) levels allow you to view at any time, at which price the wave is validate or not. The term limit is the border between two waves. Eg w2b becomes a w3 or w3.1 if it exceeds the limit level (usually the top of w1).

Customize Everything With The Smart Toolbar

In order not to overload the chart with too much information at the same time, we have created a toolbar that allows you to display or hide in only one click, the different information about the Elliott Indicator. That way, you can :

  • Display or Hide bullish / bearish countdowns independently.
  • Display or Hide ILVs levels that allow you to know the important levels on the current countdown.
  • Display or Hide PRZs area, which are, according to the theory, important zones of reversal.
  • Display or Hide the zigzag used to calculate the countdown.
  • Modify in real-time, the parameters of the zigzag, like its speed, its type and its price level used in its calculations (HL or Input).

All of this, without reloading the chart for faster analysis.

Cherry-Pick The Best Trades From Any Market and Timeframe

The Elliott Indicator is compatible with NT8 Market Analyzer, and can display the bullish and bearish counts on multiple time frames.

To help you configure the Market Scanner, we provide several Market Analyzer Templates as well as video tutorial and detailled explanations in the documentation.

Elliott made Easy

The Elliott theory applied rigidly, is very difficult to implement in real time. And there’s really no use to find a countdown when the trend is already over.
However, the use of this indicator can help you truly trade by applying the principles of this theory. You just have to open a chart, choose the type of countdown to display (bullish / bearish, or both), and adjust the zigzag. Adjust the zigzag’s speed so as to have waves of a size that is convenient for you to trade and that suits the volatility of the moment. And that’s it!

The indicator will detect automatically countdowns in progress, and you can use this information to place your Entry and/or Exit orders.
For example, you can wait for the appearance of the W2 PRZ. This area can be used as an entry area, which coupled with a level Iceberg spotted by the Radar Tape, will form an excellent entry level to trade the next impulse wave.
You can try to enter in a W2 and remain in position until it is invalidated, thanks to the ILVs. This way you can trade the W3 to its objective level.
You can also try to reinforce your position in a W4 pullback, in order to trade the movement until the end of the W5.

Once well mastered, the Elliott Indicator is a great tool to narrow your trading decisions, showing you the areas and levels with high potential, while showing you the general context (on an Elliott point of view) in which you are trading.

Important notice : Product 100% digital. No physical product will be sent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your Indicator work on NT7?

Yes it does work on NinjaTrader 7. However, the NinjaTrader 7 version has less functionality compared to the NinjaTrader 8 version.

Can I use the indicator on multiple PCs?

The sale is for one license, corresponding to only one PC. When you purchase the indicator, we ask you to give us your NinjaTrader MachineID. At each utilization, the indicator check your grants on NinjaTrader license server as well as on our own license server, and it will work for this MachineID only. If you are interested in a second license for your personal use, don’t hesitate to contact us to get a discount.

What is your refund policy?

As the item you are purchasing is digital goods, by downloading the item you have taken ownership of the item, and we cannot offer refunds or exchanges due to a change of mind. We strongly encourage you to test the indicator with the Trial version to be sure the product fits your needs and is compatible with hardware configuration before purchasing the Yearly or Lifetime License.

The Elliott theory is very complex. Does the Elliott Indicator matches 100% of the theory?

Absolutely not. We decided to focus on the simplest and most important rules of the theory. The principle of pullback in 3 waves and pulses in 5 waves. All small exceptions that are grafted to the theory were not coded, because it would be too complicated and would probably leads to considerable uncertainty. The purpose of this indicator is not to show perfect countdowns (you can do it easily afterwards), but to offer in real-time, a consistent countdown with the essential rules of the Elliott theory, simple to understand and to trade.

Plans and Pricing

(Try Full Version During 14 days)

ONE-TIME payment ONLY!

100% deductible on purchase
  • No risk. Try it for 14 days
  • Bullish/Bearish Counts
  • Display Guide and Zones
  • WPF GUI toolbar
  • Market Scanner
  • Access to Member Area
  • Access to Special Gift Area
  • 45+pages Users Manual
  • 8 video tutorials
  • Include Chart Templates
  • Include Scanner Templates
  • Trial available on NT8 (and NT7 with less features)
  • 100% FREE Updates and Upgrades
  • Bullish/Bearish Counts
  • Display Guide and Zones
  • WPF GUI toolbar
  • Market Scanner
  • Access to Member Area
  • Access to Special Gift Area
  • 45+pages Users Manual
  • 8 video tutorials
  • Include Chart Templates
  • Include Scanner Templates
  • Available on NT8 (and NT7 with less features)

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