NinjaTrader Chart Trader
NinjaTrader Chart Trader

Win a Funded Account™

Did you ever think about becoming a professional trader and trading someone else’s money? Think that is out of reach? Think again.
TopstepTrader® has funded thousands of traders just like you with live trading capital. They take all the risk. You keep the first $5,000 in profits and 80% thereafter.


  • Thousands of futures traders have put TopstepTrader®’s capital to work for them.
  • Low-risk way to trade futures,whether you are new to trading, testing a new strategy’s profitability or want to leverage additional capital.
  • Pass TopstepTrader®’s two-step process that proves you can profit and manage risk and you can have a Funded Account with up to $150,000 in buying power in as few as 15 trading days

The resources and community to help make you successful.

TopstepTrader® provides you with powerful analytics about your winning and losing trades to help you realize patterns and maximize opportunities.
Every day, they interview leading traders and educators in Squawk Radio. Tune in between 7 AM CT and noon CT on trading days.
Plus, your Trading Combine® subscription includes a free monthly check-in with their team of Performance Coaches

For more than 6 years, TopstepTrader® has followed through on its mission to find and fund talented futures traders. Will you be next?

NinjaTrader Chart Trader

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